Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A (Very) Important Announcement


This is Jack Kim, one of the founders here at Benelab. Today I just wanted to update you all on what's happening at Benelab and announce some exciting future plans.

First, the current situation:
As some of you may have noticed, our ever-increasing monthly donation amounts have been actually decreasing lately. This is because in the recent months, our marketing efforts have been mostly stagnate. The majority (in fact, all but one) of the Benelab team are now seniors in high school, which means - that's right - the lovely college application process has started! As much as we'd like to see Benelab serving hundred of thousands of users and donating tens of thousands of dollars to awesome causes, we feel that we should *probably* get into college. This situation results in Benelab getting minimal attention, but luckily enough we have a very self-sustaining platform. As soon as December is over though, oh boy, expect to see huge strides in user count and donation amounts!

Second, the future of Benelab
As soon as we seniors are released from the wretched grasp of college applications, the Benelab team will operate on full throttle. As the CEO of the company I am setting big goals for the coming year, and I will do everything I can to make them happen:

1) Undergo a MAJOR website redesign and re-infrastructure (first thing we'll do)
2) Double the existing user base
3) Launch new products to operate alongside the extant Benelab Search
4) Surpass a total donation amount of $10,000 to various causes
5) Gain at least 3 more national press coverages

So there you have it - a very important public announcement regarding the current happening at Benelab and our future plans! Thanks a lot for being a part of our community!

Jack Kim
Founder & CEO - Benelab


  1. Jack Kim, you and your team are an inspiration. Keep up the vision. I look forward to seeing Benelab prosper as a innovative application of technology and community giving. If I can help spread the word, I will.

    side note: Natalie Brighton, a King's student, goes to my church.

    Victoria Starr Allen

    1. Hi Victoria,

      Thanks for your help! We definitely appreciate any help we can get regarding press; after all, it's currently our only source of traffic... :)

      We'll email you as soon as we get things rolling here at Benelab!

      Jack Kim

  2. You guys have created an awesome search engine that is so helpful to those in need!

  3. Hey Guys! We are so proud of you. What can we do to help you? Any ideas? I posted benelab on my facebook page. We would like to be a resource of help for you! I hope all college apps go well.

    We are here to support you to make a difference! Also, is there any way to suggest how to gather donations for another organization that does missions all around the world? I can send you their information and what we are already doing here to try to help them.

    Thank you for reading our post.

    Erin & Austin

    1. Hi Erin & Austin,

      Thanks for your support! We would love to get any suggestions on future monthly causes - you can contact me via jack@benelab.org with the charities in mind.


  4. Jack,

    find me at school or via Emily or Payton. I think John Cook and the team at Geekwire.com here in Seattle might like your story. Let's save it for January, but I can make the intro. Geekwire can drive a lot of traffic and interest. Adding your personal story about Stanford and your application would make it a great read.

    Brian Ratzliff

  5. Hi Jack,

    Brilliant idea. I feel like our generation has more ability to help those in need, than any other. It takes startups like yours to make that happen. Don't slow down or let life get in the way.



  6. This is a great idea my friend. I wish you the best of luck with the site and all of your college endeavors. I will spread the word about this new search engine. Lets donate away ! Help our fellow Brothers ans Sisters abroad ! One world, one nation, one people, one mind. We are all one, lets help each other out =]