Friday, August 3, 2012

July Cause extended!

Hi everyone!
In the midst of waiting to get paid from Yahoo, together with the fact that we have been shy of our $400 goal this past month of July, we thought it would make good sense to expend the "send 5 children to school for a full year" over to August. We have extended causes before, and this helps make sure that the cause in hand is fully funded. Our income from Yahoo has recently been on the low side for some unknown reason, and we are trying to find out the solution as soon as possible.

As for an update on the Yahoo payment status, Caleb, our finance manager, just returned from a mission trip overseas and was able to provide the final numbers for the forms. We should be sending those in very soon, and our payment should come in soon too. Once that's in place, we'll finally be able to send our June check to Changes for New Hope!