Sunday, July 29, 2012

Important Public Announcement!

Hello all!

Hope you've been having a great July! By now you've probably noticed that our "amount raised" number hasn't been going up very much recently, and we wanted to let you know all about why that is so.
Some of you are aware of the fact that Benelab was founded last summer by two highschool juniors, Devin and I, and that we raised a total of $1500 of startup capital from family and friends. That number, surprisingly, is at around $400 right now.Why is that so? Well, we've been consistantly donating to our monthly causes for the past ~9 months, but we still haven't been paid by Yahoo! This is why you aren't seeing a June donation check to Changes for A New Hope just yet. Don't worry, though, as the payments from Yahoo are going to be on their way to our bank account very soon. We just wanted to let you know of the situation we're in right now!

So hopefully that will clear up some confusion that may have been caused by the missing June donation check. We'll keep you updated once that is finally made - thanks for your patience!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

India Today, L'espresso, oh my!

Long time no press, right?
Well, today I was excited to update the press page with two brand new coverages, both international publications! One of our awesome fans Vilas Pavithran told us about us being in India Today, and I randomly stumbled upon the L'espresso article earlier today. The latter one though, is completely in Italian and I have no idea what it is saying about us. All I recognize is "" and "Jack Kim" haha. More press is coming this summer, so stay tuned on the press page!

Friday, July 13, 2012

July Cause - Sending 5 Children to School!

Hello all!

Sorry it's been so long since the last blog post - we at Benelab have been really busy lately with a new project (coming soon...)! We sincerely apologize for the very bad delay in updating the July cause.

Anyways, we think the new cause this month is pretty cool - we're going to raise $400 to send 5 children to school for a full year through our friends at World Concern! The $400 includes everything from tuition, and books to writing materials.

The reason we chose this cause is that we, especially I, believe that education is a huge stepping stone in coming out of poverty and empowering an individual to achieve more; knowledge instills confidence in a person, and confidence leads to opportunities! As fellow students benefitting by education every day, we truly wish our funds will go towards planting firm foundations in the children (now soon to be students) we will be supporting.

For more information on the specific cause we are supporting and the nonprofit organization World Concern, visit