Saturday, September 22, 2012

Yahoo Payment Received!


The Yahoo payment for the past couple month's search revenue has finally come in! We are now able to send checks off to the two most recent monthly causes. Please check the donations page to see the actual checks!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

September - Nothing But Nets!


It's early September and guess what that means? School started! It also means that Benelab has almost been in a full year in operation! We thank all our supporters for helping us get to where we are now.

The extended cause last month was a success - we were able to reach the $400 goal, and we are just (still) waiting for the payment from Yahoo (we've got word from them that it should be in by late September) to write off a check to World Concern. We will definitely keep you updated on the payment status, and will immediately update the Donations Page as soon as the payment comes in to our bank account. It really sucks having a donation page that has been unupdated for so long, and we're more than ready to send off those new checks ASAP.

For the September cause, we've found this really cool site called that provides insectide-treated mosquito bed nets to areas with high risks of Malaria. We thought this would be a great monthly cause, since it only costs $10 to donate a net overseas. Let's try to donate a total of 20 nets for this month!