Sunday, April 15, 2012


Last Friday Night, King's ASB and Benelab hosted the Hydrave dance, a rave to raise money to drill a freshwater well through World Concern. Benelab kindled the idea back in September last year, and it finally happened! Our chapel theme at King's HS this year is "hydrate", and the idea was that we would raise money to physically "hydrate" others in need of fresh water. Cool, eh? :)

Even more awesome, we were able to get funding from the school, so that 100% of ticket donations would go directly to the well! It costs around $3000 to drill a well, and World Concern has matching donors for our donation.

Anyways, the dance was awesome (pictures to come)! The event was completely student-run, which was super cool. Even the DJ was a King's student!

Even if we're short on the money collected, we'll go out of our way to make up the rest; all that matters is that this well is drilled. We'll keep updated on Hydrave, so stay tuned!

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