Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Benelab - Meeting with Sean

This week's been a busy week at Benelab as always, and today Devin, Zoe and I (Jack) went to downtown Seattle to meet and talk with Mr. Sean Dimond, a branding consultant. Sean gave up his time to talk to us and give us some really valuable advice. One of the biggest things we learned from the meeting was "personal, personal, personal". We need to make every aspect of the company personal, from our charities or the month to the way we approach press and media. So starting now we are going to go through some big changes at Benelab. One of the major changes will be what causes we support every month. We think it will be a good idea to donate to individual people instead of to big organizations. How cool would it be to completely change someone's life from pure website use? Now that's something that Benelab can only do :).

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